For Investors

Real estate is one of those commodities that is required for day-to-day life.  Everyone needs a place to live, which makes owning real estate such a strong investment.  Over the past several years JP & Associates have been very successful in real estate investing. We have perfected the art of leveraging the current housing economy to maximize real estate gains. Our investment strategy has been fine tuned, and we have prepared an investment program that we believe will bring you a strong long term investment.

JP & Associates strives to provide you with another medium to grow your personal wealth, and to expand upon your retirement savings.  Our goal is to provide you with a full suite of services to ensure that you have a low maintenance means of real estate investment.  We specialize in medium to upscale properties that are foreclosures, short sales, and estate inheritances. We will be offering a three phased, hassle free, real estate investment approach to our clients.


Easy as 1, 2, 3

1) We work with you to purchase your Investment Property

2) We help you handle all renovations, and anything needed to get the property in a condition for tenants

3) We find you tenants, and work with industry leading managers

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